What we do

WSDO produces handmade woven products made of imported cotton from India (mostly Fair Trade raw material, but also from non-FT suppliers who are from disadvantaged and economically challenged backgrounds) and Allo wool from nettles growing in the Nepalese Himalaya.

In our four branches, we boil and wash the cotton, dye it (where possible with natural products like tea, iron, copper, persimmon, aluminum, pomegranate and Nepalese hops) and wash it again. After sun-drying it is balled and loomed, before it is ready for weaving. The woven cloths are designed, drafted, cut and sewed to one of our lovely items.  Every single one of them runs through a strict quality check, before it goes to the packing.

When our products are ready for purchase, they have run through 12 work steps.

All our women are provided empowerment training on all the different work steps as well as on business management, and various other skills related to handicraft, to enable them to be independent and self supportive.


This film portraying our production process was lovingly made by Lucia and Rafal at Micro Stories, thank you.